Thursday, March 5, 2009

World Book Day

Today in the UK it’s World Book Day!!!

Every Monday I take my daughter to the library and they handed out a 1-pound WBD Book Token. Which entitled us to either a free book (special 1-pound books were printed) or 1-pound off any children’s book at participating stores.

So today I went to the store and purchased The Tyrannosaurus Drip Song By Julia Donaldson and illustrated by David Roberts. It’s very fun and has the music printed in the back! This book is a song from the book Tyrannosaurus Drip that is similar to the ugly duckling. A baby duckbill dinosaur is hatched out of a T-Rex nest and from there the fun begins! I think I’ll have to buy a copy of the original title for my daughter!!
Julia Donaldson has many children books out, the most popular The Gruffalo and if you want to know more about her visit her site at on the same site she sings the song from the book. We own The Snail and the Whale. Which is a very exciting book about a snail wanting to see the world and a whale that helps him. It all rhymes which makes it fun to read!!

The WBD comes from the tradition of giving roses and books to loved ones on St. George’s Day, which is April 23rd. It was declared International Day of the book in 1616 which also happens to be William Shakespeare’s death day. *

The UK changed the date to correspond with the school’s term times. Everyone else make sure you read a book to your kids (or someone else’s) on April 23rd!!

To find out more visit the UK official site at:

* Information comes from and for information on St. George’s Day. Picture comes from

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