Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

In the comment area I have posted the discussion questions from Jodi Picoult's official website. For those who have finished reading have a look for those who haven't you still have time!! ;0)

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  1. Book club discussion questions for My Sister's Keeper

    1. Reread the prologue to My Sister's Keeper. Who is the speaker? Is it the same person you thought it was the first time you read it?

    2. What is the metaphorical relevance of Brian's profession as a fire chief?

    3. Why is Jesse's behavior so aberrant, while until now, Anna has been so compliant?

    4. What might be a possible reason for Brian's fascination with astronomy?

    5. On page 98, Kate is being admitted to the hospital in very serious condition. She mouths to Jesse, "tell Anna," but is unable to finish. What do you think she was trying to say?

    6. On page 122, Julia says, "Even if the law says that no one is responsible for anyone else, helping someone who needs it is the right thing to do." Who understood better how to "help" Kate, Sara or Anna?

    7. Did Anna do the right thing, honoring Kate's wishes?

    8. Do you feel it was unfair of Kate to ask Anna to refuse to donate a kidney, even though this seemed to be the only way for her to avoid the lifesaving transplant?

    9. On page 142, Brian says that when rescuing someone from a fire, that "the safety of the rescuer is of a higher priority than the safety of the victim. Always." How does this apply to his role in his own family?

    10. On page 144, Brian says, "Like anything that's been confined, fire has a natural instinct to escape." How does this truth apply to Kate? to Brian himself?

    11. On page 149, Brian is talking to Julia about astronomy and says, "Dark matter has a gravitational effect on other objects. You can't see it, you can't feel it, but you can watch something being pulled in its direction." How is this symbolic of Kate's illness?

    12. For what reason(s) did Brian offer Anna a place to stay at the firehouse while the legal proceedings were underway?

    13. How does Anna's decision to pursue medical emancipation parallel Campbell's decision to end his relationship with Julia after his accident?

    14. Do you agree with Brian's decision not to turn Jesse in to the authorities for setting the fires?
    15. Do you feel that it's ethical to conceive a child that meets specific genetic requirements?
    If not, do you believe that there should be specific exceptions, such as the purpose of saving another person's life, or is this just a "slippery slope?"


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