Thursday, June 18, 2009

Note to our Club Members

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying Julie and Julia!! This month we’re switching things up a bit. So, instead of us all writing “I liked/disliked this book because…” we’re going to have 2-3 discussion questions all posted as separate blog posts. That way everyone including us will write our responses in the comment area. We’re hoping this gives it more of a conversational feel. We’re also hoping that people will comment on others comments further making it feel like a real discussion. Ever since I’ve (Lisa) joined a local book club I’ve been trying to copy the book club feel onto our blog. We’re hoping this works!

Also I hope you’ve noticed our Wordless Wednesdays or Wha’cha Reading? If you are currently reading anything other then the book club book let us know and we’ll post the picture of the book or if you want to take it a step further send us a picture of you reading your book (try to have the title visible) and we’ll post it!! We’re hoping this gives us more exposure because of the wordless Wednesday website/blog.

Another way we’ve thought of to get our blog out there is to write the blog link into any books you own that you either borrow out to friends or are giving away. If it’s a library book why not slip in a piece of paper with the blog link? People might be just curious enough to check it out.

I’m getting excited for the end of the month! The voting poll for July’s title still has about a week left so if you haven’t voted yet you still have some time!! If you have any titles you think would make a great book of the month email us!! We’re also always looking for more reviews or recommendations so send them our way!!

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