Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is out ToDAY!!

After you see it let us know what you thought!! Some of you might have been lucky enough to see it at in the UK it didn't show so I'm going tonight!!

I am always horrible and compare it to the book and of course the book is always going to win!!! So I've learned to let some things go, but others grrrr it just annoys me so let us know what annoyed you and what you could live with!! ;0)

Also a very HAppy Birthday to our very own blogger Janet!!


  1. ****!!!!SPOILERS!!!!****
    My rant:
    ~Harry doesn’t live in London so why would he be hanging out in the underground?
    ~On top of that why in the world would he be hanging out in the London underground when Voldemort and his death eaters are at large? Especially when he knows that being at his aunt and uncles he gets extra protection?
    ~I was very disappointed not to see Dumbledore tell the Dursley’s off for not treating Harry as a son and the only good of that was that he didn’t suffer the same fate as Dudley.
    ~Since when does side on apparition mean that you can deposit someone wherever you want? On top of that we missed Harry and Dumbledore’s conversation about taking lessons with Dumbledore and that Dumbledore wanted Harry to carry his invisibility cloak with him at all times! Also how dangerous would it be to just leave Harry even if he was within sight of the Burrow?
    ~Also in such dangerous times (which is not stressed at all in the movie) were the Weasley’s not prepared for Harry’s arrival?
    ~Then his time at the Weasley’s was cut short, but why not to a montage of fun times playing two on two Quidditch? And Bill and Fleur were completely cut out…I wonder if the wedding will be in HP 7?
    ~Fred and Georges joke shop was fun but I was sad that we didn’t see the U-No-Poo poster.
    ~The teenage hormones were way out of control and I felt they really took away from the whole story of HBP.
    ~I hated Harry and Ginny’s first kiss. It was just stupid. And I felt that Ginny’s character was forced in the movie to make it believable, but I never once felt that Harry had any feelings for her what so ever. See if they did a montage of his summer at the burrow then it would be more believable.
    ~The main story line is Voldemort’s past. Which was only touched upon. In the book Dumbledore explains to Harry everything about Horcruxes. Why and what Voldemort would have made into them. Also with ideas on where to look for them.
    ~Harry’s loss of Sirius is hardly mentioned. Speaking of Harry’s loss we also miss out on Harry finding out that Snape was the one who told Voldemort of the prophecy.
    ~The Burrow is attacked and destroyed. WTF?
    ~Because of that scene we missed out on Percy interrupting dinner w/Rufus Scrimgeour and one of my favorite parts of the book when Harry tells him that he’s Dumbledore’s Man.
    ~Harry’s obsession with Draco and his suspicions of him taking his father’s place as a death eater was under played as well.
    ~Dumbledore’s death. We can’t believe Harry would have just stood there and that is why in the book he is under a charm UNDER his invisibility cloak. That was the only way he could insure he didn’t interfere.
    ~The whole battle was taken away. It would have taken a long time so I guess I understand why they cut it. Since Bill was cut out I suppose it doesn’t matter that his face gets ripped off.
    ~I didn’t like the conversation at the end when it was Ron sitting back with Harry and Hermione having this deep conversation. They are really playing it up for Harry/Hermione shippers and since when did Dumbledore EVER take in interest in Harry’s love life? Even if he did he would have asked him about it?

  2. I could go on forever. This is just me complaining because I love the book(s) so much. I understand it’s a movie and they have to cut stuff to make it work with a time frame. Yet, I don’t understand why they feel they can put in scenes that never happened in places of scenes that did? I mean what’s up with that? I have felt for a long time that the movies don’t give enough explanation, but it’s hard for me to honestly judge as like I said I’m a huge fan of the books. I was entertained for two hours and didn’t realize the time. So, it was fast passed and there are funny parts and the whole theatre jumped when that hand shot out of the water. In the end I don’t rate it very well, but it’s a must see for HP fans. Now that the books are done it’s all we have to look forward too!

  3. I have to agree with Lisa, I was very sad to see the parts that they cut out....I would think the wedding would still need to be in the next movie since that is the point where they take off into hiding/searching. And, why did Luna get such a big roll? I thought Tonks got him off the train? Overall, it was a good movie, just starting to splitt a little from the books - but I guess that is to be expected huh? I did think they did a nice job with the cave and the lake. I was very sad with the funeral cut out too. Still love the books more.

  4. I agree with lisa also, there were parts cut out or just rewritten altoghter. They should have went in to more detail about what Dumbledore was trying to teach Harry. I made the mistake of reading the book again 2 day before I saw the movie, so I was alittle disappointed about the changes. But had I not read the book I would have totally enjoyed the movie. All and all good movie, if you don't think about the book. PS when did the Weasley's house get burned down that was a shocker.

  5. Okay! I enjoyed this movie. Probably because have resigned myself to the fact that I will never like it as much as the books.
    My main likes/dislikes:

    ~ the burrow getting toasted. I understand that they were trying to show that the death eaters were dangerous, however they made that hard to believe by letting Harry walk around pretty much unprotected the whole movie. I hated that scene because it was a bit unnecessary and a completely added scene.
    ~ Dumbledore's death scene. I'm not really sure why they couldn't have just left it as it was. ??? How they did it was terrible. Harry did not come out looking very brave, which we all know he is.
    ~ Pretty much everything else Lisa mentioned bugged me too, however, I can live with most of it.

    ~ Quidditch. I love seeing quidditch being played on the big screen - super cool.
    ~ The horcrux retrieval mission. I think besides the inferi dragging Harry down, I thought they did that scene very well.
    ~ Ron in general. I laughed at him a lot. :)


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