Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - What'cha reading?

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  1. Swimsuit’s story begins with the gruesome murder of a supermodel in Hawaii named Kim McDaniels. The fact that the rape and decapitation of Kim is videotaped and web cast to the world’s most powerful and wealthiest group of people is what I find most disturbing. One night Kim’s parents get a phone call stating “Kim has fallen into bad hands”. Scared and terrified about what this could mean , Kim’s parents jump on the first flight to Hawaii. When they land , they meet a ex-cop turned novelist turned reporter Ben Hawkins. Kim’s parents come to Ben wanting answers about what has happened to their beloved daughter. I truly understand Kim’s parents wanting answers to find their daughter and feeling like the police are not doing their jobs. This is may have never happened to me, but if your child was kidnapped and the police haven’t found any evidence about where they are you get tense. It still doesn’t make since to me that the parents would agree to stay the night with a stranger when their daughter who has obviously been kidnapped and killed by a stranger and has gone missing. While the parents are staying with the stranger, they are killed also.

    Henri is a psychopathic killer wants his story told and wants the world to know he is not like any other killer. So Henri kidnaps Ben Hawkins who is the reporter and forces him to write his story. After Henri has had Ben with him for a awhile he decides to take Ben through gruesome details of all his murders. Ben finishes Henri’s book and even though he finishes it , he does not feel safe yet. Ben decides that the only way he can feel safe in life again is to take down the killer.

    James Patterson great suspense author. Swimsuit proves it. The detail that James uses in Swimsuit makes you feel as if you were watching it in your living room in HD. Henri is one of those murderers in the James Patterson books that you will always remember. Swimsuit gets two thumbs-up, a true James Patterson novel.


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