Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eesoo by Kathleen Boettcher -- A Recommendation by Melanie

A blue-eyed red-haired lady doctor from Iowa is forced into an arranged marriage with a handsome, defiant, alien warrior and an intergalactic adventure begins. Sparks fly between them, humorous situations abound as the action moves through a web of intrigue from Iowa into outer space and concludes on the planet N’dar. Laugh and cry through a suspenseful mystery that will warm your heart and satisfy your thirst for adventure.

Science fiction novel which blends adventure, romance, humor, and mystery. The first in a series of eight. Each novel is a complete story with continuing characters.

Kathleen Boettcher grew up in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Deciding small town living was not exciting enough, she began raising, training, and showing siberian huskies. That led to nationwide travel, dogsledding and intermingling with adventurous people. Horses were added to her life and after routine household duties were complete, racing through the woods on a dogsled or galloping across fields on horseback added joy and adventure. After a move to California curtailed daily excitement, she turned inward for adventure and began writing.

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book. It appeals to the adventurer as well as the romantic in me. I've read this one 3 and a half times now, not necesarily because it's a high quality book, but because the charactors are so colorful and the situations are, at times, so frustrating or humerous that it feels a little like spending the weekend with friends.

    The genre is technically sci-fi but I would be more inclined to refer to it as romance or mystery. The whole story is about a woman who lost her alien husband in a car crash and is now being forced to marry his brother as a result of a kinsman-reedemer clause in the mating contract. So now she has to learn to get along with the essentric, short-tempered, foul-mouthed older brother of her dead husband. I know, it sounds cheesey but trust me, this one is worth it!

    However, word of warning: The author wrote this book with the intention of making it into a series but this book is copywritten in 1990 and to this day no sequals have been published. I'm afraid that despite the words "The Beginning" which are found at the end of this 750 page book, it is really "The End". Also, since it is kind of old, and there are no sequals, it can be hard to come by if you are relying on your local library. But I assure you, many copies are still available online. Trust me, it's worth it ;)


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