Monday, August 24, 2009

Stardust by Neil Gaiman -- A Book Review

Life moves at a leisurely pace in the tiny town of Wall - named after the imposing stone barrier which separates the town from a grassy meadow. Here, young Tristran Thorn has lost his heart to the beautiful Victoria Forester and for the coveted prize of her hand, Tristran vows to retrieve a fallen star and deliver it to his beloved. It is an oath that sends him over the ancient wall and into a world that is dangerous and strange beyond imagining...

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  1. This was just as good as the movie. I happened to see the movie first and really enjoyed it. I didn't want to see the movie because I thought it was going to be bad as it was littered with well known actors and when there is an "all star" cast I get worried that they are trying to make up for something. I caught the movie on Sky Preview and loved it!! So, I finally got a copy of the book and although there are changes and things are a little different it still is the same story!
    Okay the story is about Tristran Thorn a basically average guy who is thrown into a magical world after telling the girl of his dreams that he would fetch her a fallen star. At first Tristran is a little bland (2-D) and you wonder if you're ever going to like him as a character, but as the story grows so does he. He becomes (3-D).
    Tristran finds the fallen star and is surprised to see that the star is a person, a girl. He captures her and plans to bring her back to his home for Victoria the girl of his dreams, but Tristran isn't the only one after the star. A King has passed away and told his remaining sons that the successor would be the one who finds his necklace and he tosses it out the window. That is what had knocked the star out of the sky. Then 3 witches saw the star fall and they want to cut out her heart and eat it because it allows them to live "forever" or basically gives them health and beauty until they run out of star.
    So the race begins!! It's another enchanting tale from Neil Gaiman he is becoming a favorite author!!


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