Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Book Review

Babyville by Jane Green
Julia and Mark are stuck in a loveless relationship. Julia thinks a baby will help, but perhaps that isn't the answer to her problems. Maeve is totally allergic to commitment - she breaks out in a rash whenever she passes a buggy. A one-night-stand results in an unwanted pregnancy. But just how unwanted is it? Samantha is besotted with her new-born baby. But how is husband Chris coping with his suddenly unavailable wife, and is Samantha's obsession as healthy as it seems?
Borders in England has closed all it's stores nationwide!! I made it to the sale late one night, but I had a 2 year old with me so I had to quickly scan the already pretty bare shelves of books. All 50% off!! The cover is what grabbed my attention in the first place but after reading the back I did have a bit of curiosity. It reads almost as 3 different stories with entwined characters.
The first story was about Julia trying desperately for a baby in hopes it would fill the hole in her relationship. I didn't personally relate to her because I don't think I'm the type of person who would assume that a baby was the answer to problems in a relationship. Julia and Mark had been living together for 4 years or something and had never talked about marriage, but they were willing to have a baby? Finally they "take a break" with Julia going off to New York to visit a friend. Then it moves on to...
Maeve, her story is sort of clique and has been told before. Has anyone ever seen that movie with Diane Keaton Baby Boom? Career driven women besotted with a baby. Enough said.
Sam, last but not least, was the most realistic. She had the "perfect" relationship. Her and her husband were best friends with an awesome sex life. Yet, it all got lost once they had a baby. Which realistically happens to some. She was desperate to be the perfect mom and would one minute tell him he never helped her and when he tried to help she would then yell at him because he was doing it wrong. The odd thing about Sam's story is how she gets out of her baby blue funk is having a crush on another married man almost to the point of scary obsession. I would have preferred her re-falling in love with her husband in a different way.
It's funny because after I read the book my thoughts were more like that was a nice easier read about women's experiences with having a baby in the modern world. But when I sat down to write this something completely different came out.

So, on a last note a pretty mindless read that if you had a hard time adjusting to parenthood you might want to read to make you feel you were/are not alone. Or if you are thinking of having a baby to restore you failing relationship read this to see how better your life will turn out if you just move on and wait to have a baby. But if you got knocked up after a one night stand I would suggest not reading this book because I doubt it would turn out as "pretty" for you in real life.

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