Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January's Book of the Month

Pretty Little Mistakes
by Heather McElhatton
It all begins after high school. Nothing’s simple anymore. Should you do the right thing and go to college? Or why not walk on the wild side and travel? Whatever you decide, just remember, PRETTY LITTLE MISTAKES isn’t like life: when you screw up, you can go back and start all over again… With more than 150 possible endings sewn into this startlingly fresh and original debut, you can experience lives taken to the depths of misery, or the heights of happiness and fulfilment. Because doesn’t everyone wonder What if…?

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  1. This book looks like a lot of fun! Sadly I can't make time for a book this month :( However,with a little luck...err...hard work...I'll be back to reading for pleasure in about 5 weeks.


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