Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Please Help!!

I'm having a hard time finding a book for February!

I was thinking something romantic for Valentines Day, but I really don't want a corny romance novel.

Does anyone have a favorite love story to recommend?


  1. I was thinking something by Jane Austen maybe? Pride and Prejudice being a very classic love story. And one a lot of people have read.
    But other then that I was lost!!
    I also don't know if I'll have time in Feb to read the book of the month as I'll have a new born to take care of!! :0)

  2. Books Suggested on Facebook:
    Love Story ~Erich Segal
    The Return ~Victoria Hislop
    The Heretic Queen ~Michelle Moran
    My Enemy's Cradle ~Sara Young

  3. Love Story sounds great...but I can't promise I'll actually have anytime to read in Feb...

  4. I think we'll go with Love Story it seems to be somewhat of a classic and might be more pleasing to the masses. :0)


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