Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Baby Names Inspired by Twilight

Write exactly that in google and you'll get lots of articles popping up telling you that the Twilight series has inspired people to name their babies Isabella, Jacob, Edward, Cullen, Esme and so on. Whenever I read these things I think 'yeah yeah sure', but today at Rhyme Time in our local library I met 2 Edwards, 1 Isabella, and 1 Jasper. All of them were under a year old.
People said JK Rowlings Harry Potter didn't inspire names as much as Twilight has, but really is that a shocker? I mean Harry? Ron? Hermione? Although you could go with Arthur, Molly, Bill, Charlie, Fred and George, but to me those are all pretty traditional names to start with.
Would you name your kid(s) after your favorite character either in a book, movie, or TV Show? I can't really talk as one of my daughters names is a Disney princess and the other happens to come from a popular TV show in the early 2000's!
Click here and here for some links to articles about inspired baby names.

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  1. I believe I have a nephew named after a character on a tv show..... I think that tv shows movies and books help people hear names they might not hear before they see or read it somewhere. I think that people herd these different names form Twilight and named their kids that, trying to be different. Everyone wants to be different. Lame.


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