Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost Book Club

Anyone who has watched Lost will know that books were a big part of the first 3 seasons. These are the books that are either physically seen, mostly being read by Sawyer, or talked about between the characters. The writers have also commented in the extras that some of these titles influenced the show. Such as The Third Policeman, talked about in season 2, after mentioned on Lost the sales of the book in the following three weeks equalled what it had sold in the preceding six years. This is the official list from the ABC website. Coming soon Rory Gilmore's Book List :0)

The numbers represent the season and episode it appeared

Season One:
Island 101/221 ~Aldous Huxley
Walden Two 101 ~B.F. Skinner
Alice in Wonderland 102 ~Lewis Carroll
Heart of Darkness 102/116 ~Joseph Conrad
Watership Down 102/106 ~Richard Adams
Lord of the Flies 115/209 ~William Golding
A Wrinkle in Time 116 ~Madeline L’Engle
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 117 ~J.K. Rowling
Memoirs of a Geisha 121 ~Arthur Golden

Season 2
Bluebeard 202 ~Charles Perrault
An Egg Workout: Exercises in Arrhythmia Interpretation 203 ~Jane Huff
Dirty Work 203 ~Stuart Woods
High Hand 203 ~Gary Phillips
Rainbow Six 203 ~Tom Clancy
The Third Policeman 203 ~Flann O’Brien
The Turn of the Screw 203 ~Henry James
After all these Years 209 ~Susan Isaacs
Hindsights: The Wisdom and Breakthroughs of Remarkable People 209 ~Guy Kawasaki
An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge 213 ~Ambrose Bierce
Bad Twin 213/220 ~Gary Troup
Bonjour Babar 214 ~Jean de Brunhoff
Lancelot 215 ~Walker Percy
The Brothers Karamazov 215 ~Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Are You there God? It’s me Margaret 216 ~Judy Blume
Musset: Poesies Completes, Tome 1 219 ~Alfred de Musset
Little Red Ridinghood 220 ~Brothers Grimm
Our Mutual Friend 223 ~Charles Dickens

Lost Season Three
A Tale of Two Cities 301 ~Charles Dickens
Carrie 301 ~Stephen King
Of Mice and Men 304 ~John Steinbeck
A Brief History of Time 307 ~Stephen Hawking
Laughter in the Dark 308 ~Vladimir Nabokov
Stranger in a Strange Land 309 ~Robert A. Heinlein
The Fountainhead 312 ~Ayn Rand
Evil Under the Sun 314 ~Agatha Christie
Jurassic Park 314 ~Michael Crichton
Catch-22 317 ~Joseph Heller
The Oath 320 ~John Lescroant
Afro-Asian World: A Cultural Understanding 320 ~Edward Kolevzon
The Coalwood Way 320 ~Homer Hicklam
The Stone Leopard 320 or 322 ~Colin Forbes
Through the Looking Glass 322 ~Lewis Carroll

Lost Season Four
On the Road 403 ~Jack Kerouac
The Invention of Morel 404 ~Adolfo Bioy Caseres
Valis 404 ~Philip K. Dick
Slaughterhouse Five 405 ~Kurt Vonnegut
Survivors of the Chancellor 407 ~Jules Verne

PS One book that the creators mentioned they had read that influenced the show, but that is not listed here, as it didn't appear on the show is Stephen King's The Stand.

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