Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

Angelfield House stands abandoned and forgotten. It was once home to the March family - fascinating, manipulative Isabelle, brutal, dangerous Charlie, and the wild, untamed twins, Emmeline and Adeline. But Angelfield House hides a chilling secret which strikes at the very heart of each of them, tearing their lives apart... Now Margaret Lea is investigating Angelfield's past - and the mystery of the March family starts to unravel. What has Angelfield been hiding? What is its connection with the enigmatic writer Vida Winter? And what is the secret that strikes at the heart of Margaret's own, troubled life? As Margaret digs deeper, two parallel stories unfold, and the tale she uncovers sheds a disturbing light on her own life...

Funny how one month I choose books I think I'd like to read and then read neither, but this month I read both books because I really couldn't decide which I wanted to read!
This was recommended by Janet for our book of the month after she read it she told me that she was pretty sure I would like it and it to give it a chance. I'm glad I did. I feel like it pays homage to some classic stories. Ones that are actually recommended as further reading in the back of the book. The Bronte sisters and Henry James to name a few.
Tell me the truth....
This book was a little slow at first I had other things on my mind and it wasn't engaging enough at first to hold my attention over the other thoughts in my head. Once I started on the 2nd or 3rd chapter I was hooked. The book has many mysteries and one thing I liked is that the mystery's weren't all solved at the end; they were solved as the story went along. Some I thought to myself "I knew that!" but with all mysteries you don't really know it until the author says.
I think the story is just engaging because it deals with love and loss...usually they go hand in hand. Who hasn't had to deal with those two things at some point in their lives? Some of the relationships might not be something one could relate too, but you'd understand all the same.
The main character is called on to write someone else's story, but of course she's got her own story that echos the one she is writing. There was a part about that that sort of annoyed me, but I don't want to go into too much detail as I don't want to give anything away. So, if you've read it and are curious to know what bothered me leave a message in the comment area and we'll discuss it! ;0) I also believe that some of the characters behavior to be a little OTT (over-the-top) and very dramatic.
Other then that a very entertaining read which I would recommend!! As long as you take it as that. If you are a lover of the classics then you might want to be wary. But as I just said as long as you don't expect anything amazing you'll have no reason to be disappointed!

PS In the UK it tells us where she went to high school and it is where my husband went!! Not at the same time as she was born in the late 40's early 50's where my husband was born in the 80's! :0) click here for her biography!

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  1. Hi. I noticed that your comment on Missie of Missie's shutter's blog that you are a train ride from London. I am traveling to London with my mum next week. (I don't need to crash on your couch haha) We are also going to be staying in Kent, in Tunbridge Wells. I was wondering if you know of any good charity shops. I always visit them when ever I travel. Or, if you know of a good shop to get a tea cozy. They are unheard of over here.
    Kara (hip chick)


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