Monday, November 15, 2010

Finding Faith

Alright so maybe "Finding Faith" isn't the best title to this post, however, I found faith in humanity when I stumbled upon a fabulous book store today. This book store is called Wild Rumpus, it is a children's book store. Seems simple enough, but it is better then you could imagine! There are animals all over this place! They have chickens that have cages that they can come and go as they please! I watched the cutest little girl holding a book twice her size follow the black chicken all over the store trying to pet it. They have lizards and chinchillas and cats and something else that you have to look through the floor to see (but I couldn't see) and birds! This place is awesome, they also have some of the pre-teen kinda books. They have book clubs and story times.

This is a really great place, I had a lot of fun. Maybe to much fun, my friends had to drag me out of the store. Speaking of entering and exiting the store, there is another best part.......they have a mini door inside the bigger door for little dudes to go in and out, I clearly used the little door because it was there! Had to be done :0) Another bonus for adults is on the outside of the building they have a basket where they give away free adult romance novels, wink wink, nudge nudge.

Here's the link and if you are ever in Minnesota you should check it out!


The book that built the bookstore. 
According to the website history tab, this book was their "blueprint"
for building the book store. Check out the website for the whole story!!!

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