Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Have you seen the movie?

If so we want to know:

What did you think?
What was your favorite part?
What was the worst part?
What parts surprised you?
How did you feel about where they decided to split it?

And anything else you want to add please feel free,
we would love to hear thoughts!!

Also if you've re-read or read the book for the first time now is a good time to discuss it! ;0)


  1. I really enjoyed this movie. I thought because they had more time they got to put in some details. Being a big fan of the books there were some little things that bothered me, which was bound to happen.
    After reading the 7th book again, I am still upset with the Epilogue. It didn't answer any of the questions I really wanted to have answered. Questions like.....what happened to everyone after the big battle? Did they go back to school? Who was the new Head Master? Who raised Teddy Lupin? What jobs do they do?
    I guess I'll never know unless I meet JK herself.

  2. I agree - I liked the movie too, although they still barely do the books justice. There were bits and pieces about the movies that made me mad, such as how they never had Dumbledore's funeral which made the final scene seem out of place (since you had never seen the tomb before).

    After reading the book's epilogue, I had the exact same questions as Stacy - I just want more information, otherwise, it might be better to leave it off altogether.

  3. I agree with you about the funeral, and what about the fact that the Gryffindor sword was not knowingly missing. The Minister said that he couldn't give it to Harry because it was missing. No one knew the one in Snapes office was a fake. The thing that I don't get about that fact changing is that it is a simple sentence....unless that means that they're changing the facts about the sword in the next movie....

  4. They're probably changing it...otherwise, why leave out such a simple thing? They've deviated on some major points from the books before, so I guess I'm not too surprised, but it's getting to the point where I'm not sure the movies would make any sense if you haven't first read the books.

  5. It was just ok. Was I entertained? Yeah I guess I was. I feel that lots of parts were awkward because of the poor job of the previous movies. Harry met bill weasley back in book 4 and he was attacked in book six during the "battle" at hogwarts, but since it never took place in the 6th movie it made it awkward when he introduced himself to Harry here. Now is this important to the main story line? No not really. But it's these side stories that intertwine with the main story that make Harry Potter books so great. That's my first gripe, but also my last for this post as I could go on and on......Don't even want to start with the end scene that was horrible as it was a crucial moment in the book when Harry chooses horcruxs over hallows. Grrrrrrrr
    As for the sword no one knows there is a fake either, but they want the goblin to lie cuz bellatrix is obviously pissed and if she thinks it's fake they hope she'll stop torturing Heromine. The trio think they just found the "missing" sword. That works for a movie, but so minimal they didn't need to change it.
    I love JK Rowling for writing Harry Potter, but I do feel she sold out when it comes to the movies. I wish she had at least waited until the series was done.

  6. I agree. It would have been nice had they waited - then maybe the movies would have a little more continuity. I didn't really like the movies before I read the books (I just read the whole series after the sixth move came out) because they didn't really make sense; they were hard to follow until I had the books as a reference, but each movie in the series is less like the book from which it was based. Now, I have a hard time figuring out if they at least are internally consistent.

  7. I think starting with the 5th movie especially, the movies are soooo choppy. It just goes from scene to scene without a real solid through line. Seems fairly silly to me.

  8. I finally saw the movie. Overall it was pretty good. I think I was most disappointed with them adding the out of place dancing between Harry and Herminie (how do you spell her name?) and that they didn't have the radio show from Ron's brother's. They also never (unless I missed it in the movie) had the conversation where they found out 'you know who's' name was taboo so they couldn't say it any more. But all of a sudden they just stopped saying it. And my biggest question is - where is the invisibility cloak? Didn't he use that multiple times at the start of this book?

    I'm interested to see how they finish it. I know it is hard to keep movies close to books, books offer so many more details than they could ever put into a movie - but it does seem like they are trying to include more by breaking it into two movies.

  9. I was more impressed with this movie over the others, save the first one, as in content - book ratio. I think I was also less angry at this movie because I have come to accept that it just won't be the same. I am VERY curious how they are gonna pull off the final scenes and Epilogue in the film!
    P.S. I didn't like the Epilogue either. Having named 4 kids myself, I thought the names were most disturbing. She could have written in a reference to Snape if she wanted to prove Harry had forgiven him, rather than make an awful name for a young wizard! ;)


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