Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Glass Lake by Maeve Binchy ~A Book Review

Kit McMahon lives in the small Irish town of Lough Glass, where everyone knows everyone; children who walk to school together grow up and become sweethearts and marry, people gossip and grumble and dream their lives away. For it is a place where change comes slowly. Until one day, beautiful, mysterious Helen McMahon disappears, presumed drowned in the lake, and then the gossip runs wild. The consequences for Helen's husband, her son, but above all for her daughter, Kit, are unimaginable and will leave not one of their lives unchanged.

I have been a fan of Maeve Binchy's ever since I read Circle of Friends (it's in my top 5) but after reading a handful of other titles I sort of went off her work as it was very similar. Which is good because it means you always know what you're going to get when you pick up one of her books. It's bad though if you're looking for something new to enlighten you. However the back cover drew me in and I gave this one a go after a long break from Maeve Binchy titles!
I liked it because it felt like an old familiar jacket or blanket, but I didn't like it because as always it was over ridden with too many characters! I love the depth in which her characters interact, but some characters were just pointless!
Also the back cover description (above) is over dramatic! Spoiler Alert: It is very clear that Helen McMahon did not drown but ran away and we're told that very early on. So, there was no mystery of where she was etc.... Which is what I was expecting.
Not sure where my ramblings are taking me. I give it 3 stars as I don't wish I hadn't read it and it did what I expect all books to do, take me away to another world for a little while! 

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