Monday, March 23, 2009

For Love of Evil by Piers Anthony - A Book Review

Parry was a gifted musician and an apprentice in the arts of White Magic. But his life of sweet promise went disastrously awry following the sudden, violent death of his beloved Jolie.
Led down the twisted path of wickedness and depravity by Lilah the harlot demoness, Parry thrived -- first as a sorcerer, then as a monk, and finally as a feared inquisitor.
But it wasn't until his mortal flame was extinguished that Parry found his true calling -- as the Incarnation of Evil. And, at the gates of Hell, he prepared to wage war on the master himself -- Lucifer, the dark lord -- with dominion over the infernal realms the ultimate prize!
I started reading this book before I realized it was the 6th book in a series. I am not sure if reading the other books would make this book any better. As a fan of Piers Anthony I was quite disappointed in this book. It would jump from one story of the book to the next in one sentence. It would be a better book if there was one concrete story to go by.

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  1. It took me several tries to get into this book. Parry goes from being a simple sorcerer doing good, to a monk, to working for Lucifer then becoming Satan. The reason Parry became evil is because he liked sex. I don't feel that that is enough to condem a man or women. Some other ridiculous things.... a spirt who was wrongfully placed in hell gets taken up to heaven but wants to go back to hell because it is boring in heaven, plus all is friends are in hell, um there end up being tv in heaven (only heaven appropriate), there is a computer in hell too. There is not one God and one Satan, there are different people in office all the time. I am not a big church goer, but there are a lot of bible references and I am pretty sure some are very wrong. I do not recommend this book.


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