Thursday, March 26, 2009

To Our Followers:

We are an online Book Club that will review and dissect books of all kinds. After lots of emails and persuasion we have decided on a title and it will be announced very soon.
So, before we make that announcement we want to make public a few guidelines and ask anyone who is joining in to please take these guidelines into consideration.
1.) You do not talk about Book Club.
2.) You do not talk about Book Club.
Just Kidding!!! That was my attempt at humor.
No for real, all titles that will be considered for book of the month is a title the 3 of us have never read. The book title will be announced on the 1st of every month. We encourage anyone who is a book lover and avid reader to join us! On the 28th we will post our reviews, opinions, ideas e&…After the above date comments opinions and discussions are more then welcome. We ask that all comments be held until the end of the month so as that everyone has enough time to finish reading the selected title.
Thank you and we look forward to reading with you!!

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  1. oh my gosh! Are you serious!?!? I think I have died and gone to heaven!! Seriously! I go hrough books like water, and I just cant get enough of a good title. I am always wanting to join a book club or talk about the author/subject matter/etc.
    I am SO excited that tomorrow is the 1st! You better post it right away! Because then I am off to the library!!!!!!!!!


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