Thursday, May 21, 2009

Catch the Reading Bug!!

"Catch the Reading Bug" a new slogan being used by local library's and schools to encourage kids to read! Do you have someone to read too? Help them catch the Reading Bug!! To catch the reading bug have a look at your local library's website for further information!! Once typed into your search engine loads will pop up!!

Research Shows that avid readers: (2)

~ Read better, write better and concentrate better.
~ Are quicker to see subtleties.
~Have an easier time processing new information.
~ Have a better chance for a successful, fulfilling adult life.
~ Have many interests and do well in a wide variety of subjects.
~ Develop an ability to understand how other people think and feel.
~ Acquire the ability to sift information and to understand how unrelated facts can fit into a whole.
~ Tend to be more flexible in their thinking and more open to new ideas.
~ Weather personal problems better without their schoolwork being affected. (2)

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