Sunday, June 28, 2009

Julie and Julia Discussion Question 1

After reading Julie & Julia did it make you want to go out and buy a copy of MtAoFC? Why or why not? Even if your tastes may not coincide with Julia Child’s recipes, did the book make you want to cook? Or maybe it made you want to take on a challenge of your own? If so what sort of project would you like to take on?

Julie and Julia by Julie Powell


  1. Yes!! Mainly because I love cookbooks. For the last couple of years I day dream about taking a cooking class. I wish I had enough money to pay someone to come to my house to teach me!!
    I have been thinking of different projects of my wise I was thinking of using it as a way to lose weight. If the world is watching me I might actually do it. Although that idea has been stolen from someone else I read about who did that!! I loved reading about all of Julie's cooking experiences! I kinda wished the book was more like her blog put into book form.

  2. I think I would like to see MtAoFC but not actually buy it. Maybe I would borrow Lisa's. I like to buy cookbooks of things I will actually make. I do like trying new things and have one of Rachael Ray's cookbooks all marked up because I tried a number of her recipes when I was first learning to cook.

    I love challenges, and would like to have something like that...but I am not sure what it would be. Maybe something with gardening...I would love to be a master, that might work! ;)

  3. Oh yeah...I looked online to check prices even, but as I worked through the book, I began to wonder if my money might be better spent on a book with less aspic and offal and more yummy sounding things. In the end, I bought "Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking: The science and lore of the kitchen." It's not really a cookbook, but I've decided to begin to be a little more adventurous with my own cooking and try to make some of my own recipes by understanding a little more of what's going on in the pan...I am a scientist after all.

    I have also become a food-blog addict in the last few months and have been contemplating something of the sort, but that may all require too much time I don't have...

  4. I've been looking at "Delia's Complete How to Cook: Both a Guide for Beginners and a Tried and Tested Recipe Collection for Life" Delia Smith is the English Julia Child! She has tons of books had her own show (saw it once) and is loved by England! Of course it's also filled of expensive things like lamb and my grocery budget doesn't always allow for those sorts of things!!

    These two websites are ones I follow a lot. You can take the girl out of America, but you can't take the want of American food out of the girl!! Did you know that the British put Ketchup on French Toast? Blah!! I've changed my husbands tastes to Syrup!


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