Sunday, June 28, 2009

Julie and Julia Discussion Question 2

Julie Powell started her Julie/Julia Project as a blog. What do you think blogging about her experiences offered Julia? Do you think that the project would have gone differently if the blog hadn’t gained so much attention? What do you think makes people interested in blogs? For example, who was the blog mainly for, Julie or her readers?


  1. I think that blogging her project she showed that she was comitted to it. Also if she only had one follower she would have felt responsible to finish what she started. So, blogging is what kept her at it. Obviously if the blog hadn't gained so much attention we wouldn't be reading a book or waiting for a movie to come out. So yeah in that way if the blog hadn't gained so much attention things would have gone differently. The blog was mainly for her at first and then once people started following it became for both her and her readers.
    I think blogs are like reality TV they give you the good bad and ugly of people. It's also easy for everyone to use!

  2. Obviously she thrived on the comments of her bleaders, and the world would never know of her Project without it, contributing wholly to her success.
    I think what makes a blog interesting to someone is the subject at hand and the way the author can communicate to their audience. For example, MomBlogs only get the attention of loved ones...unless the blogger can present her situation in a unique way. My personal blog, for example, is a testiment of that. And that is perfectly fine, I just know that if I want tons of people to read my blog, I'd better find something more unique that my everyday goings on.
    In the end, the way that Julie presented her trials and tribulations with the recipes really won over her bleaders, and I think she did indeed write for them.

  3. I LOVE food blogs...there are so many pictures of brilliant-looking food and I become so encouraged to try new things myself. For Julie, I think the writing of the blog was very much for herself; it gave her a reason to continue with the project and having a large reader circle made any excesses she had to stop cooking sound less legitimate.

    Someday, when I'm free to cook big, delicious meals every night, I think I'll start a sciencey-food blog. I'll buy beakers and chem-glass for measuring, so the pictures look nice and nerdy, and I'll explain some of the science behind the cooking. Like Janet said, if you have a new and interesting angle, then people are going to read and you're going to be obligated to continue...


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