Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler - A Book Discussion

After reading My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler, what was your overall impression of the book? What did you find surprising about the facts introduced in this book? How has reading this book changed your opinion of Chelsea Handler or one-night stands, if it has at all? In your opinion, does Chelsea present information in a way that is interesting and insightful, and if so, how does she achieve this? What do you think her parents think of this book? Would you recommend this book to your friends, why or why not?


  1. I really enjoyed this book and couldn't stop laughing. I think as memoir's go, this has been my favorite. I expected a book by Chelsea to be rauchy and real, and it was. And although this was a collection of one-night stands, it ended with a bit of a serious note and doesn't really glorify the one-night stand, in fact, it makes me glad that I haven't had many of those. ;) She keeps the tone light but gives you many examples of what can and will go wrong.
    I did wonder what her parents think of her comedy. I think she is smart with her success, and she definately does not brag about her success, which makes her seem like the girl next door...almost. ;) I would reccomend this book to friends, in fact, I have already loaned it out. :)

  2. I had mixed feelings about this book. At times it made me sad that this woman seemed to have such little respect for herself, but at other times I envied her ability to just be in the moment and to know who she is.

    I think Chelsea is an excellent writer and I found may of her predicaments to be beyond hilarious although I would have been mortified to be in many of them myself. I think she did an excellent job of empowering women and making a statement that her lifestyle may not be for everyone but it is not one to be looked down upon; she is happy, healthy, and successful..

    I can't decide what her parent's must think of the book...are they glad for her success and openness or sad at her choice of lifestyle and lack of shame? I'm not sure...I think if I were them I would be filled with mixed feelings.

    I will definitely recommend this one to friends, especially some of the more closed-minded people I know because I think it could lead to some interesting conversation...

  3. I totally loved this book. I am not too sure why. But since the second I finish reading the description when we had the chance to vote....I was all over this book. It took me a day to read. It was awesome. Would I reccommend it to my friends?? OF COURSE in fact I already did! I even told my husband to read it! Are her parents proud of her.....well I would have to say yes right now they are. She took one of the only things she was good at....and that is basically laughing at herself and made an awesome career of it. If anyone has seen her on TV on her show called Chelsea will understand the funniness of it....but I suppose you also have to have that kind of humor

    Now for sake of arguement...because that is what book clubs are....what IS so wrong and taboo about one night stands? It is just sex. While yes I know sex stands for something powerful and amazing between two people (yes I am one of those believers and have never had a one night stand....) but it does get me thinking...America is all about fun and letting yourself go....why cant we just have one night stands then? I dont want to say everyone does it...but doesnt it seem like the vast majority of people are sleeping around anyway before they are married?? Is that mean it is a bad thing? Doesnt something mean that it is bad when it is not socially acceptable? And having sex before your married has become socially night stands should be acceptable!
    This book does really remind me of another author....Tucker Max...and his book is called I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.
    It is an amazingly funny book. Almost on the same wave length as Chelseas. I suggest you check it out. I would like to imagine what would come out if both these authors met for a discussion........


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